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The Saudi Company of Chemical Trading Ltd. ( Chemtrade ) , is a company headquartered in Jeddah Saudi Arabia , and is one of the largest specialty chemical distributors in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries ( GCC ). We offer our industrial customers a wide range of specialty chemical products as well as value added services such as bulk liquid chemical warehousing , dry product warehousing , drumming of liquid chemicals , blending and transportation.

Along with our affiliate companies , Arabian Chemical Terminals Ltd. ACT (act-ksa.com) and International Chemical Logistics Company Ltd. ICL (icl-ksa.com) we provide a full door to door solution for the supply of chemicals to industries in the region.

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About Chemtrade

Since its inception in 1979 , Chemtrade has worked with the largest global names in chemical manufacturing and acted as their reliable distributors in the region . We are committed to fostering long term partnerships with both our suppliers and our customers. Through close collaboration with our affiliate companies, we have been able to provide tailored and unique solutions to meet our customer’s needs at every level.

At the heart of it all , safety and sustainable business practices are at the forefront of what we do. We have aimed for and exceeded the highest industry standards of health and safety in all aspects of our operations.


In Saudi Arabia , no other company has the same capabilities.


Our History

Celebrating 40+ years

Chemtrade was founded in 1979 with the vision of creating a best in class specialty chemical sales, distribution and logistics company in Saudi Arabia. Its inception paralleled the onset of Saudi Arabia’s and the GCC’s industrialization drive brought on by the newly found oil wealth in the late 1970’s onwards. The unprecedented growth in the GCC’s economies propelled Chemtrade to be one of the largest chemical distributors in the region.

About Chemtrade

In 2011 the owners of Chemtrade established a specialty liquid transportation company , International Chemical Logistics Company Ltd. ( ICL ) to provide the highest in safety standards liquid chemicals transportation in the region.

All this means that Chemtrade is the company of choice for both suppliers and customers alike.



For more than 40 years, Chemtrade has been helping customers with our unique and proprietary chemistry and supply chain


Our mission is to be the regional leader in providing chemical distribution solutions to our suppliers and customers in the safest and most efficient and cost effective means.

About Chemtrade

Our Values

CHEMTRADE is committed to developing innovative solutions and to provide cost-effective quality service with integrity and excellence.

Safety First

Health and Safety are at the core of all our operations and initiatives.


Customer Satisfaction

After 40 years of excellence , Chemtrade has a stellar reputation in the industry . Our customers regard us as the supplier of choice for their chemical needs .


Responsible Distribution

CHEMTRADE is committed to applying the highest industry standards in all aspects of operations and activities , ensuring the safe handling, storage and distribution of chemical products from manufacturer’s sites to the customer’s door.


Long Term Relationships

CHEMTRADE prides itself on the long term relationships it has developed over the years with globally recognized best in class manufacturers of specialty chemicals and a wide range of loyal customers who have recognized Chemtrade’s exceptional capabilities and competencies .


Our succes has been driven by Commitment to safety and value.